Tutorial - 1st Log On

For the First Time ONLY  do the following:                                                             RETURN
1. Click on Forgot Password -  do not try to enter your email address in the Username box this first time only;
                                                      merely click on "forgot Password".
      After you click on Forgot Password you will see this
2. Enter your email address and click on SUBMIT
        If we have your e-mail address on file You will see this displayed .

One of two things have happened.
              A. There was an error in how the email address was entered. 
                    It must be the address that you received this message.  re-enter and try again
               B. Unfortunately - we have missed you and your email address is not in the system.
                    DON'T Worry we can easily add you by contacting the Assistant Manager in the clubhouse. 
3.  Now Wait for an email and then follow the instructions for creating a password and logging on.
       You will then be able to enter your email address and CREATE a password
        If you don't get the email in 5 - 10 minutes check your spam folder.
The Email will look like this:
4.  Now click on the link that is in the email it begins with https://www.somersetrun.net/login/
5.  You should now see the following:
Follow the instructions by entering your email address in the Username field
Enter your password  in the New Password field and then again in the Confirm New Password field
Click on SUBMIT  -- the following will display.
6.  Click on Login
Enter your Username and Password to begin using the new website.
If you are still unable to logon, please send an email to Web-Admin@Somersetrun.net 
      Please include your name in the email.